Wedding Registry
Heirloom Hand-Crafted Fine Furniture

Windsor Chairmakers’ Wedding Registry is the perfect place to choose custom handmade furniture that will be a beautiful and functional part of the life you will be sharing together. Here’s how it works.

Choose the item or items you would like as your most special wedding gift. We will create a private page on our website and send you a link that you can share with family and friends. They can click on your link to see the beautiful furniture you have chosen. They will be able to see which of your family and friends have contributed to your registry, and what the remaining balance currently is but the amount of the individual gifts will only be able to be seen by you.

They can decide on the amount of their contribution and mail in a check to us at Windsor Chairmakers. Once their gift is received at our shop we will subtract from and update your registry link with the current balance. They can also share your registry link with others.
All gift amounts will be applied only to the furniture chosen on your registry and are only available for your furniture purchases from us. If there is an outstanding balance you have the option of adding funds to complete payment on your registry total or deciding on other furniture you may wish to order. Amounts gifted in excess of your chosen registry furniture total will be placed into a credit balance for your future furniture purchases from Windsor Chairmakers. Gifted funds are non- transferable and there are no cash refunds.

Please call or email us with any questions and to set up your custom Wedding Registry. We look forward to working with you to custom build the beautiful furniture you will share together forever!

Example Wedding Registry

Timchak/Salesman Wedding – October 2, 2022

Jana and Mike have chosen:

One Rectangular Table In Tiger Maple

With Finger-joint drop leaves, Measuring 57”x 48”x 29”h. Sanded smooth surface, Country Cabriole Legs, Cove and thumb edge, Incised corners, Finished in: Nutmeg, Light distress, Light highlights — $3917.00

Two Sackback Armchairs

With Ash seats, Traditional legs, Proud spindles , Finished in: Pitch Black over Marigold, Crackled with light wear, Medium Distress. 2 x $1255.00 = $2510.00

Four Hoopback Side Chairs

With Ash seats, Traditional legs, Proud spindles, Finished in: Nutmeg, With Light Highlights, Medium Distress. 4 x $940.00 = $3760.00

Total — $10,187.00

Remaining Balance: $10,187.00

Dreams can come true.

Help the bridal couple recieve the gift they are dreaming of. 

You Decide Your Gift

With our bridal registry, you decide how much you would like to contribute towards the gift the couple has picked out. Once your payment is recieved your name will be added to the contributors list (the amount you contributed will not be shown).

Inspire Others

You can help in another way, too. Share this page with other friends and family members and ask them to join you in helping the bridal couple get the wedding gift of a lifetime.

Flexibility & Options

If the full balance of the wedding gift is not reached, the couple will have the option to apply the received funds towards any purchase. Cash refunds are not available.

Making your gift is easy:

Simply fill out this email form. Then, send a check with the amount you have pledged to:

Windsor Chairmakers

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